1.Is my appliance worth repairing or should I replace it?

This is a tough question to answer without seeing the appliance itself. The professionals at Home Pro Refrigeration and Appliance Repair will come asses your appliance first based off age, then the type of damage. If your appliance is beyond repair, we will make a recommendation to replace your appliance. In most cases, appliance repair is going to be less expensive.

2.Why do my clothes take longer to dry now than they used to?

If you are noticing your clothes are taking longer to dry than they used to, your dryer ducts very well may be clogged or may need to be cleaned. Dryer vent cleaning is often overlooked, but it can cause many issues if your dryer vents are not cleaned properly.

3.Do I need to clean the duct on my clothing dryer or is cleaning the lint filter between loads enough?

You absolutely need to get your dryer vent cleaned. We recommend getting your dryer vent/ducts cleaned at least every year. Call Home Pro Refrigeration and Appliance Repair today to schedule your dryer vent cleaning services in Frisco, TX.

4.What foods should I not put in my garage disposal?

If you want your disposal to last a long time, it is important you watch what you put down the drain! It is not recommended to put any bones, celery, egg shells, fruit pits, oil/grease, and any non0food items. If you have put any of these items down the disposal and it has caused a problem, call Home Pro Refrigeration and Appliance Repair today.

5.Will you be able to tell what is wrong with my appliance and know what it costs over the phone?

No, we need to physically see the appliance for an accurate estimate on how much the appliance repair will cost. We may be able to provide a "guess" over the phone, but never an actual quote.

6.Do you offer a warranty?

We offer 1-year parts & labor in most cases, we will specify if you will not receive this.

7. Do you have same day service?

Yes, if you need same day service for appliance repair, call Home Pro today! (214) 277-3019.

8. What is your average repair time.

From start to finish, 2 days, including if we need to order parts for the job. If we expect the appliance repair to take any longer than this, we will let you know.

9. Do You install Appliances

We do not install appliances.

10. Do you repair Vent Hoods

We do not repair vent hoods.

11. How much is your service fee?

Our service fee is $85 dollars, waived with an approved estimate. Call us for more information!

12. Is there a fee for canceling service?

No, we don't not charge a cancelation fee.

13. Are You Samsung Certified

Yes, Home Pro Refrigeration and Appliance Repair is Samsun Certified, LG Certified, and Angie's list certified.